Purpose Of The Lincoln Highway Committee - Kosciusko County, IN

The Lincoln Highway Committee - Kosciusko County, Indiana is established to insure the historic route is marked and promoted in the County. An annual meeting is held each September at the Kiwanis Shelter near the Chinworth Bridge on Old 30 West to survey the status of markings and plan participation in upcoming activities.

Ken Locke, Chairman
C/O Warsaw Rotary Club
P.O. Box 1473
Warsaw, Indiana 46581-1473

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District Cubmobile - September 17, 2016 - Corner of High & Main Sts., Warsaw, IN

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Lincoln Highway Marker In Warsaw

Historic Chinworth Bridge Located Old 30 East & Warsaw Greenway

The Party Shop - Hallmark Museum

The Village At Winona

Kosciusko County Historical Society & Museum

Warsaw Biblical Gardens

Reneker Museum Of Winona History

Kosciusko Convention & Visitors Bureau

Honoring the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865

The Lincoln Highway - The Path Of Progress

"Lincoln is far and away the greatest and most American of Americans. He represented the whole people, the commons. Therefore the most suitable monument to him would be some work intimately to be used and enjoyed by the largest number of people. Nothing would better fill the requirement than a road, a broad highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Lincoln Highway is original. It breathes the twentieth century. It is an inspiration. In centuries to come it would be adorned, as was the Appian Way, with landmarks, statuary, homes, inns, a vast chain of splendid marks of man. It would be the path of progress, the river course of humanity, part of the golden girdle of the earth. It would liberate the farmer from the shackles of bad roads, as the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves."

Dr. Frank Crane, 1914

Honoring The Founder Of The Lincoln Highway

Fabulous Hoosier - Carl G. Fisher

On September 1, 1912 at a dinner party for automobile manufacturers at the Deutsches Haus in Indianapolis, Carl G. Fisher, President of the Prest-O-Lite company and father of The Indianapolis 500 unveiled his plan for a highway spanning the country from New York City to California.

"A road across the United States! Let's build it before we're too old to enjoy it!" Fisher urged the auto executives. The idea was to build a coast-to-coast highway in time for the May 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco. Fisher estimated that a trancontinental highway would cost ten million dollars and sought pledges from the auto officials at the dinner. Just thirty minutes after his talk, Fisher received $300,000 from Frank A. Seiberling of the Goodyear company, without even checking with his board of directors.

A few months after the Indianapolis dinner, Fisher received a letter from Henry Joy, Packard Motor Company president, pledging $150,000 for the proposed roadway. Joy, a leading force behind getting the coast-to-coast highway built, also suggested that the road be named for Abraham Lincoln. On 1 July 1913 the Lincoln Highway Association was created with Joy as President and Fisher as Vice President. The Association's goal was to "procure the establishment of a continuous improved highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific, open to lawful traffic of all description without toll charges: such highway to be known in memory of Abraham Lincoln, as 'The Lincoln Highway.'"

Carl Fisher Biography

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Forrest Deeter Dealership - 203 N Buffalo St. (Buffalo & Main) - 1925

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