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The Billy Sunday Society Exists To:

Support the preservation & documentation of the Sunday's life & ministry.

Unite together promoting the values of the Sundays.

Note new findings and publications on Billy Sunday.

Develop brochures, pamphlets, etc. about Billy Sunday and his evangelistic outreach.

Announce and promote events planned to honor the Sundays.

Yearly plan a Billy Sunday Day to celebrate!

Billy Sunday Society

Who Was William Ashley "Billy" Sunday?

Billy Sunday, born in Ames, Iowa in 1862, grew up in an orphanage. His athletic ability led him to baseball where he went straight from semi-professional to the majors. He played for the Chicago White Stockings and ran the bases in less than 14 seconds - a phenomenon of his day. But the call of the Lord was stronger than the roar of the crowd. Sunday left a $400 per month career for the $83.33 a month he could earn working for the Chicago's YMCA religious instruction staff. In 1896 he began preaching across the Midwest.

By 1915, he was holding revivals for tens of thousands of people per week in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York.

During Billy Sunday's lifetime, he identified drinking as a sin and a social evil that needed to be outlawed. He was instrumental in the enactment of the Prohibition Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1919.

He preached with a blend of humor and dramatics that enthralled his audiences, numbering nearly one hundred million.

In 1911, Billy and his wife Helen or "Ma" settled in Winona Lake, Indiana, home of the Winona Lake Bible Conference and famed Chautauqua meetings. During the summers, prominent figures, including orators and musicians would come to Winona Lake to inspire audiences. Billy Sunday did his part by imparting the message of sin and salvation to the summer visitors.

The Sunday family home, named Mount Hood, is a California style bungalow. Its style was in obvious contrast to the highly ornamented homes of the late nineteenth century. The owner made the statement, "Here reside people more important than their belongings." The interior of the Sunday's home is furnished in an Arts and Crafts style. The Arts and Crafts movement, like the architecture of the bungalow, was a brilliant contrast to preceding interior designs. Colors, shapes and forms give the visitor a feeling of being surrounded by nature within the home.

The Baseball Evangelist

"The Baseball Evangelist" is more than a preacher of the Gospel to Americans of the twentieth century. He is a legend, embodying in himself the spirit of mass evangelism. The man who galvanized religion into an active force against social evils, preaching a strange mixture of humor and hellfire that made his listeners take notice. This was Billy Sunday.

Billy and Ma Sunday

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